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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Oh, say can you see…

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Well I can’t because I’ve lost my glasses…again! I used to think that people who panicked when they lost their glasses were over reacting. Why couldn’t they just squint? Well now that the glasses are on the other eye, so to speak I find that squinting just doesn’t cut it. Distance is okay for me but reading, drawing and computer are all a blur without my glasses. Now there are spare pairs all over the place.

                                                                 …and they still disappear.


This is the life…

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Walking along the beach, the sun on my hair, and a warm breeze all around, it truly is the life. If only it were true. I’m not at the beach, there are no warm breezes and my hair is usually covered to keep my head warm. That life is only a dream. My dream. The country I live in is cold for 7 months of the year (12 if you ask me but so far nobody has). The thought of going outside all year round, dressed only in t-shirt, shorts, sandals or bare feet makes me giddy with excitement. Warm breezes, sandy beaches and no snow. 

                                                                    Yes that is the life. 

                  And if I looked like the girl in the doodle that wouldn’t be too bad either.

Chocolates…for me?

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Yes it’s Valentine’s Day and I got chocolates! However I bought them myself since I’m fresh out of beaus at the moment. How sad is that? Well my dog is always with me and he’s a “fella” so I’m not really alone. I didn’t get the heart-shaped box either since they’re only from me to me. Any good box of chocolates will do and they’re not usually as expensive. This isn’t the most traditional Valentine’s Day but it works for me. And the good thing about sharing Valentine’s Day with your dog is that they can’t have chocolate…

The chicken or the egg…

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My blog is a little like that age-old question, which came first? Or in my blog’s case, what comes first. Is the story about the drawing or is the drawing about the story? Well it’s supposed to be the story about the drawing. The drawing comes first. It all started because of “Words with Friends” I started doodling while waiting my turn and after a while had all these “doodles” with no place to go. That’s when I decided to do a blog. I’d write a little about the doodles I’d accumulated. Well that’s all well and good but there are going to be some doodles that I my not be able to think of anything to write about them.  

                                            This is one of them…

Who is this woman?  Is she nice or cranky?  What is she doing in this blog?  Anybody have any suggestions (remember as my creation she’s sort of my “child”)?


Tea time and the living is easy…

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Most of the time, but there have been moments of crisis when a cup of tea is the only thing to make things right. There are so many teas available these days that everybody should be able to find at least one blend that they like. Orange pekoe is my favourite. I’m not a big herbal tea drinker but will drink it in a pinch. And I don’t like de-caffeinated tea because it’s too weak no matter how long it sits. On an average day I drink 5 cups of tea. I should say mugs because much as I love the china teacups that are used in afternoon teas I prefer my tea in a mug. I love teapots as well but only use them when I have company. When alone (and that’s often) I brew my tea in a mug and let it steep until it’s really strong. With some chocolates and a book, living can’t help but be easy.


are farmers happy?

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When I think of the hard work and problems they go through it doesn’t seem like the happiest of occupations. Satisfying, frustrating, disappointing yes but happy? Making a living off farming to me would be one of the hardest things to do both mentally and physically. I lived on a hobby farm and that was hard work. Although I wasn’t really “farming” I had animals! Which was the reason I moved to a farm in the first place. I had horses, goats, one sheep, a pig, chickens, dogs and cats. Bliss! And as I was (and still am) a vegetarian they were all pets.

I was a happy farmer.

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