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Tea time and the living is easy…

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Most of the time, but there have been moments of crisis when a cup of tea is the only thing to make things right. There are so many teas available these days that everybody should be able to find at least one blend that they like. Orange pekoe is my favourite. I’m not a big herbal tea drinker but will drink it in a pinch. And I don’t like de-caffeinated tea because it’s too weak no matter how long it sits. On an average day I drink 5 cups of tea. I should say mugs because much as I love the china teacups that are used in afternoon teas I prefer my tea in a mug. I love teapots as well but only use them when I have company. When alone (and that’s often) I brew my tea in a mug and let it steep until it’s really strong. With some chocolates and a book, living can’t help but be easy.


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  1. Its great to see someone with an appreciation of the finer things in life.. Tea! It looks like you love tea as much as us you might be interested in the second instalment of our tea guide this week – you can read both parts here: and here:… Love the blog!

    • Hello
      Thank your for your comment on my blog. I like your blog too. What a fabulous place you have. I would love to visit when I go to New York. Tea and chocolate! My two favourite things in the world. I agree with your reason for starting Tea and Sympathy, not being able to find a decent cup of tea. I run into that a lot but have finally found a few places that are pretty good.
      We also have a couple of places that sell “British” foods like mushy peas, jelly babies, twiglets…you know the good things!
      Thanks again for helping me find out about you, I’m definitely going to follow your blog.
      doodling gal


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