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The chicken or the egg…

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My blog is a little like that age-old question, which came first? Or in my blog’s case, what comes first. Is the story about the drawing or is the drawing about the story? Well it’s supposed to be the story about the drawing. The drawing comes first. It all started because of “Words with Friends” I started doodling while waiting my turn and after a while had all these “doodles” with no place to go. That’s when I decided to do a blog. I’d write a little about the doodles I’d accumulated. Well that’s all well and good but there are going to be some doodles that I my not be able to think of anything to write about them.  

                                            This is one of them…

Who is this woman?  Is she nice or cranky?  What is she doing in this blog?  Anybody have any suggestions (remember as my creation she’s sort of my “child”)?


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