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Oh, say can you see…

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Well I can’t because I’ve lost my glasses…again! I used to think that people who panicked when they lost their glasses were over reacting. Why couldn’t they just squint? Well now that the glasses are on the other eye, so to speak I find that squinting just doesn’t cut it. Distance is okay for me but reading, drawing and computer are all a blur without my glasses. Now there are spare pairs all over the place.

                                                                 …and they still disappear.

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  1. Oh and that blurryness creeps up on you so quickly. One day you can see what you’re drawing the next you can’t.

    • I know! It’s awful isnt’ it? I still blame the computer…anyway thanks for visiting my blog. I checked your blog as well and love the doodles you did for national doodle day.


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