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Why can’t I have a hot?

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I have a cold and it’s my own fault.  I’ve always been lucky in that I hardly ever get what’s “going around”.  But if I get chilled all bets are off.  Just last week we had an unseasonably warm spell and like everyone else I decided to go without a hat.  Well everybody else went without hat, coat, gloves, boots…but a hat was enough for me to relinquish.  Big mistake.  By the next afternoon my throat was sore and I was burning up.  I always dreamt of a “sick” day at home in bed watching old movies, drinking tea and eating chocolate.  Well that wasn’t going to happen.  In fact the thought of chocolate made me gag so you know I was at death’s door.  Now if it had been hot I would never have caught a chill or a “cold”.  Cold.  I don’t even like the word.  I don’t like cold drinks.  I drink “un-chilled” white wine.  I only have an air-conditioner because of my dog and I have to bundle up when it’s on.  I don’t even have an ice-cube tray (actually I do but it’s for storing my watercolor paints).  Okay I know that all seems a bit extreme but I really would rather have a “hot” than a “cold” if given the choice.


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  1. I’m really sorry to hear about your cold and like the idea of having a hot instead, although that sounds like it could be a fever. Plenty of hot drinks should help you.

  2. I forgot to add how nice your drawing is, I love the pig lamp and the attitude of your dog. Brilliant!

    • I don’t actually have a pig lamp but I love pigs and a friend of mine had a little bear lamp and that’s where I got the idea. As for my dog’s attitude I won’t tell him you said that. His head is big enough as it is. I think you could safely say he calls all the shots in our home. Thanks for the comments. I love your blog and have been following it for a while now. I love tea rooms and just getting together with friends for tea is a real treat. I’m in Canada and we’re more “coffee” house than tea room. Wouldn’t be so bad if I drank coffee although most of them do a fairly good cup of tea.

  3. carm Graydon

    Very funny Lor” – Hope you’re better now!


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