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Easter Charade

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Easter is a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus.  And while I respect those that put their trust and faith in a higher being I myself have long since given up any hope of a Divine helping hand.  Too many unanswered prayers I guess.  I love Easter (a holiday involving chocolate) but it’s still an enigma to me.  Where do the rabbits and eggs come from?  What exactly is an Easter egg?

Of course the same can be said about Christmas.  Again a religious holiday but with Christmas trees, decorations, Santa and his reindeer…how does he get around in the southern parts of the world where there’s no snow?  And don’t get me started on how obsessed we all are with giving presents.  The good thing about these holidays is that we all tend to get along a little better and become more lighthearted around these times.  So whether you are celebrating for religious reasons or for what they have become associated with down the years, have a lovely holiday!

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