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The Un-craven Raven

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     I was walking my dog when I saw what looked like a garbage bag flapping on the ground. We went over and saw that it was actually a large black bird. A crow hunting for food I thought and figured it would fly away when it saw us. But when my dog barked he crouched down into the grass and I knew something was wrong. I took my dog home and tried to find a box to put the crow in so that I could take him to the wild bird sanctuary. I couldn’t find anything to transport a bird so I called a friend who said yes she had the perfect box and would come with me to help.

     Our adventure began.  We were able to finally capture him and once in the dark box he calmed down (he put up a good struggle and tried to escape but was pretty weak). However on the drive over when we stopped for a light he poked his head  through the folded lid of the box and looked around with interest. I like to think that he thought he too was on a little journey with hope at the end.

     The sanctuary was about to close for the weekend and we got there just in time. It turns out that he was actually a raven not a crow but they couldn’t tell us what was wrong with him and to call back on Monday.

     Sadly the news after the weekend wasn’t good. Our little friend died shortly after we brought him in due to botulism poisoning. Our only consolation was that he died quietly and without worry of predators attacking him. I have no idea how he was poisoned, it could have been something he ate or from an injury.

     I just wished we had found him earlier and maybe he would be flying around today…

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  1. It was lovely what you did but I’m so sorry for the raven. I love ravens and have never seen one close up in the wild, only in a zoo where I was astounded by its size.

    • Yes we were really upset that he died. A little while after that we got together and celebrated his life with an Estonian liqueur (talk about fire water!) and some tasty treats. There are a lot of crows around where I live (and they are equally entertaining) but only a few ravens. And you’re right they are huge!


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