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Monthly Archives: May 2012

If you have to call in sick…

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…try to make the most of it


Rabbit wedding preparations

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 I think they should be able to celebrate their big day…don’t you?


No peaches and cream for me, I’m spinach!

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     I always go home for lunch and as that’s peak UV time I carry an umbrella for shade. It’s awful, I love the sun but at noon on a day-to-day basis it can be deadly. At first I used parasols which were beautiful but the lightest breeze turned them inside out. So I bought a huge black one which is great for rain but looked out-of-place on sunny days. Then one day I found this little green umbrella with little dogs all over it. I thought it would be perfect for UV protection and more cheery looking than the black one. Well, from the first time I used it I started getting funny looks from other people. It took several days before I realized the sun shining through the green umbrella was turning my skin the colour of spinach pasta.


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This is an example of what you can do on the spur of the moment. I needed to do a card for someone in a hurry and couldn’t for the life of me come up with anything. I actually knew his birthday was coming up but thought I could whip one up as I’ve been drawing this man for years. He may even make an appearance in future posts if he plays his cards right. Anyway I had to think fast and decided to take another illustration, remove some of the characters, give the shark a crankier eye and add the man.

I don’t look at this as cheating, more like recycling. Isn’t technology wonderful?

Mother’s Day

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     There’s more to being a mother than just giving birth. A mother (to me anyway) is someone who raises another with love, kindness, care, respect and all those other things that the good moms do. I don’t have any children of the human variety but I consider all the animals I’ve raised (Not for food!!!) my children. And now I’m raising my dog. I make sure he’s happy (lots of walks & toys), healthy (trips to the vet, too many according to him), clothed (although the only item he will tolerate is a raincoat because he hates to get wet) and well fed (the best quality dog food with garnishes of peanut butter, cheese and chick peas…yes chick peas, I’ve yet to meet a dog that doesn’t like chick peas). I do the best I can because I love him, and I did the best I could with all the rest of my “children”.

     So if you are someone who does the best that you can do to raise another (human or otherwise) then have a wonderful Mother’s Day.

Road Rage…dog and bike version

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     There are two paths in my city that are used by cyclists, dog walkers, and anyone else that likes to go for a stroll. They are separated by a scenic parkway and this is all between the city and the river so it’s quite picturesque. For the most part dog walkers and cyclists get along. The cyclists will ring their bell and we (dog walkers) step aside to let them pass. All and all not a bad system. But as in most situations there is always someone who rocks the boat. So far I haven’t heard of any dog walkers causing a problem to the cyclists but that’s only because I don’t ride a bike. I’m sure there have been incidences where some have been caught in the path of an on coming bike. However I’ve had a few problems with cyclists, one of them being last weekend. I stopped to talk to someone with 3 dogs (lucky!) and made sure there were no bikes bearing down on us. All of a sudden as I started to move on we heard the squealing of brakes and loud swearing. I turned in time to see this girl on a bike cycling towards at us at 800 miles an hour. Okay a slight exaggeration but she was going fast. We weren’t on the path so she wouldn’t have had any trouble passing us, if she’d been going slower. To top it off she didn’t have a bell so I said it might help if she had one to ring. She just turned and yelled “as if it would make a difference” before speeding on her way. Well!

     Anyway this was on the path by the river which does have more cyclists and we rarely walk there because of that. And after that little episode we won’t be going that way any time soon.

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