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No peaches and cream for me, I’m spinach!

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     I always go home for lunch and as that’s peak UV time I carry an umbrella for shade. It’s awful, I love the sun but at noon on a day-to-day basis it can be deadly. At first I used parasols which were beautiful but the lightest breeze turned them inside out. So I bought a huge black one which is great for rain but looked out-of-place on sunny days. Then one day I found this little green umbrella with little dogs all over it. I thought it would be perfect for UV protection and more cheery looking than the black one. Well, from the first time I used it I started getting funny looks from other people. It took several days before I realized the sun shining through the green umbrella was turning my skin the colour of spinach pasta.


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  1. Ha ha, what a shame! It’s a beautiful brolly though.


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