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Monthly Archives: July 2012

DIY…I don’t think so

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My friend is renovating her home. Since the closet doors in my bedroom are falling apart she let me have her old ones. They’re mirrors and in mint condition but heavy so I hired professionals to install them. They really made a difference to my room. A couple of days later they started to stick a little and I thought I could adjust them myself. Big mistake. Now they stick a lot and won’t move at all. Getting into the closet brings out the contortionist in me.


What lurks below

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Lately my dog has become obsessed with our sewer system.

I wonder what’s down there…

My real thoughts…

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Okay I was being diplomatic in my last post about the Calgary Stampede. I guess I was thinking of the feelings of those involved but when I heard that 3 horses died in another chuckwagon race and one of the drivers tearfully said these horses were part of his family, all bets were off. If they were “part of his family” why did he put them at risk? Yes at risk. They know this can happen. Why do they race chuckwagons? Aren’t they for transporting food? Do they actually do that on the range? And do cowboys really ride bulls or are these events just created for entertainment?

They did mention that none of the drivers was hurt. What would happen if the drivers and riders started getting killed?


The Calgary Stampede

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I’m not crazy about rodeos. I have nothing against the cowboy way of life but I do have a problem with animal’s lives being at risk for entertainment. And while I share the sentiments of Bob Barker regarding the animal cruelty, I don’t think the Calgary Stampede should be shut down completely. It’s the most popular rodeo in the world and they have long been attacked for the deaths of animals in their shows. While they have tried to tone down their actions in the hopes of alleviating these tragedies, the accidents and deaths continue. Why not just have the outdoor fair but eliminate the events where injuries can happen? Why not have an exhibition with good food, entertainment and all the things that make for a good time…without the stigma of animal abuse that hangs over the show?

No, I’m not crazy about rodeos and if you think that sounds cranky wait until the circus comes to town.

The snail, the tortoise and me…

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All slow or more accurately, laid back. The snail is notorious for his/her lack of speed (as in “at a snail’s pace”), and the tortoise isn’t far behind (or so the hare thinks). Me, I’m pretty quick at work but come the weekend, I’ll have one more cup of tea, read another chapter, draw a little more…or on a good day I’ll bake a brownie, have another cup of tea, read and draw a little more. All of a sudden it’s where has the day gone? And then the guilt for not having done something constructive like housework kicks in. What I fail to realize is that what I did was what made me happy. The housework will get done eventually. I wonder if the snail or the tortoise have these pangs of conscience?

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