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Okay I was being diplomatic in my last post about the Calgary Stampede. I guess I was thinking of the feelings of those involved but when I heard that 3 horses died in another chuckwagon race and one of the drivers tearfully said these horses were part of his family, all bets were off. If they were “part of his family” why did he put them at risk? Yes at risk. They know this can happen. Why do they race chuckwagons? Aren’t they for transporting food? Do they actually do that on the range? And do cowboys really ride bulls or are these events just created for entertainment?

They did mention that none of the drivers was hurt. What would happen if the drivers and riders started getting killed?


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  1. I must admit I don’t know anything about this but it sounds appalling. As you say, if humans were being killed it would be another matter. It sounds pretty shameful to me.

    • It is sad. The calf roping is one of the worst events. Many of them have their necks broken…calves! I was worried about posting an anti-rodeo post but when I read about those three horses that died I was really upset. Thanks for your support.


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