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DIY…I don’t think so

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My friend is renovating her home. Since the closet doors in my bedroom are falling apart she let me have her old ones. They’re mirrors and in mint condition but heavy so I hired professionals to install them. They really made a difference to my room. A couple of days later they started to stick a little and I thought I could adjust them myself. Big mistake. Now they stick a lot and won’t move at all. Getting into the closet brings out the contortionist in me.

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  1. Is that why she got rid of them herself? That’s a bit of a disappointment, I hope you can get them fixed. Great cartoon!

    • They’re working now, I just wanted to put a bit of humour in the trouble I had for a short time. I actually tried them before they were removed from her place and they worked well. It was the installation that was the problem and is fixed now. Thanks for the comment!


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