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Puppy le pew…

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When I got back from my trip the first thing I did was hug my dog.  I was so happy to see him I didn’t notice the smell right away.  He’d been sprayed by a skunk.  It wasn’t that strong because the skunk was in the bushes when he attacked but it was enough to warrant a bath.  And like other dogs mine hates to be bathed so I had to give him an at home “spa treatment”…complete with hydrogen peroxide and baking soda.  Maybe next time he’ll think twice about chasing skunks…


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  1. You are the best and so is your puppy le pew. Doodlinggal, you always bring laughter into my life. Thanks

  2. Perhaps he deliberately antagonised the skunk. He’d have to act the part of course, resisting the wash, etc. but he looks very comfortable in your salon with his magazine.

    • Oh I’m sure he’d do it again given the chance! And to please him more, you can still detect the lingering scent of “skunk” everytime it rains!


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