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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Not Mommie Dearest I hope…

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I don’t have any children and sometimes wonder what kind of mother I would have been.  Judging by the way my dog behaves it looks as though I brought him up to be independent, happy  and confident…or the boss according to him.

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Havin’ a Heatwave…

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Well not a tropical one but the way the weather’s been the last couple of weeks it seems like it.  This is our January thaw.  Everything is melting and there are puddles everywhere.  I know I should be pleased that it’s a lot milder and enjoy a hint of spring.  But it’s only a hint because the next couple of months are going to be anything but “spring like”.  It takes a lot for the weather to fool me.


Embracing the Enemy

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I’ve been trying really hard to like winter…and failing miserably in my attempts. I try not to complain about the cold or length of time to put on outdoor clothing or the safety risks of icy sidewalks and roads or the expense of winterizing everything…but every day I find a reason to sound off about one or all of the above…
I have to admit though that the scenery can be beautiful…if it’s on a post card you receive while sitting on the beach in the Caribbean.

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Happy New Year!!!!

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