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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Getting your goat or vice versa…

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When I moved to the farm a friend gave me a goat.  I named her Riva.  I didn’t know a thing about goats so a lot of what I did was trial and error.

There was an old chicken coop on the property that made a perfect goat house.  It was huge and had a little door so she could go out to a large fenced in area.  I was confident that she would be happy and safe in her new home and went off to work.  When I got home she was nowhere to be found.  Of course I feared the worst and started to look for her.  At one point when I thought I’d never see her again there was a scuffling noise behind me and then I was flying through the air.  Riva, furious with me for leaving her alone, charged out from behind the barn (when the moment was right) and butted me as goats do in cartoons.


She really got even with me!


Complaining is my “means to an end”

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I know I go on and on about the winter with it’s cold and snow but I do it for a reason.  It propels me closer to my goal of moving to a tropical island.

Of course there are the usual concerns like finances and immigration, but I worry mostly about my dog.  He loves the northern climate and I’m not sure how he’ll adapt to the Caribbean lifestyle.



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One of the men that works in my office gave us all chocolates at Christmas.

His wife had made them and they were really good!

They were creatively decorated, exquisitely presented and above all, delicious!  Here is one lady that could definitely quit her day job and become a chocolatier.  I’m sure Valentine’s Day alone would keep her going for the rest of the year!


Too much…

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This has been the worst winter I have ever experienced.  It’s been unbelievably cold with strong winds making it worse.  We’ve had more freezing rain than I can remember.  And snow…don’t get me started!  It seems to snow almost every day.  At the moment we are being hit with one of the biggest storms yet.  The snow is so deep you can’t even walk your dog…

too much©

Now I’ve heard everything…

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I live in a condominium and when there’s a problem we’re always given advanced notice of when repairs will be done.  So the other day there was a note on my door notifying me of a plumbing inspection in all the bathrooms.  On the day before I got ready by doing a complete clean (as you do) and removing everything from under the sink for easier access.  And then I left work early so I could be there when they did my inspection. Well all they did was flush the toilet.  It took 2 seconds!  I asked what the inspection was all about, a flood or something?  And he said no, there was a complaint about a noisy toilet disturbing the peace.

I’ve lived in a lot of apartments and have had my share of loud music, stomping feet, even musical instruments played at all hours… but that definitely beats all!

 now i've heard everything.©

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