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Now I’ve heard everything…

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I live in a condominium and when there’s a problem we’re always given advanced notice of when repairs will be done.  So the other day there was a note on my door notifying me of a plumbing inspection in all the bathrooms.  On the day before I got ready by doing a complete clean (as you do) and removing everything from under the sink for easier access.  And then I left work early so I could be there when they did my inspection. Well all they did was flush the toilet.  It took 2 seconds!  I asked what the inspection was all about, a flood or something?  And he said no, there was a complaint about a noisy toilet disturbing the peace.

I’ve lived in a lot of apartments and have had my share of loud music, stomping feet, even musical instruments played at all hours… but that definitely beats all!

 now i've heard everything.©

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  1. Well, now I’ve heard everything! But after living in apartments for a good part of my life, I can certainly understand the noisy flush thing – been there; heard that!! LOL

  2. Dat do beat all…but some dude got a big flush.

  3. That’s almost unbelieveable! Like you, I’ve lived with all manner of noises in flats but I don’t think I’ve ever been disturbed by excessively noisy toilets. Nice that your bathroom’s all sparkly and clean. 🙂

    • Yes I’m like you, I’ve never heard a really loud toilet. To me flushing toilets, showers, noisy pipes are all part of apartment living and don’t bother me at all. But it’s nice to have a bathroom that sparkles!

  4. Must have been one of those water-conserving pressure-assisted power flush things. They really are noisy. Startles me every time I use one without knowing ahead of time what its pedigree is…

    • Yes I think that’s what it is, but they’re still searching other units to find the culprit. I’d actually like to hear these loud toilets now after all this!

  5. Too bad they didn’t give you a better description of why they wanted to visit! That would have saved you some time cleaning out stuff. How silly!


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