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Tooth or false…that is my question

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I’m getting older and my teeth aren’t getting any younger.  After figuring out how much it could cost for dental care & repair I think it would be a lot cheaper to get a new set.

I just tell myself that if it does come to false teeth I’m getting the biggest and brightest smile Hollywood has to offer!

tooth or false ©sig


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  1. Oh my That reminds me of what my mom use to do. That is so priceless and so hollywood. Hollywood people can do whatever they want. Great for you but no good for your dog. He seems to be in a trance or scared? I love it. Thanks for bringing me laughter.One can

    • I had a boss who put his false teeth in a glass right beside me during lunch. But he stopped when I attached two paper eyes to the it and made it look like an evil laughing glass.

  2. I think the dog is keeping an eye on the teeth, just in case 🙂

  3. This business of dental costs sounds quite horrendous. Is your dog envious of the false teeth? Perhaps he has his own dreams of stardom.

    • Yes in Canada without insurance the cost of dentistry is high. My job doesn’t provide any benefits, however my dog has coverage for everything…from me. He’s a kept man, ha ha…

  4. It seems to me, DD, that the game is Tooth or Consequences!


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