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The following contains partial nudity.  Viewer discretion is advised.


They had to shut our water off due to a broken water main.  Luckily it didn’t take long to repair but it made me realize how much we take water for granted once we don’t have it.waterless©sig

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  1. I can imagine the shock of that, you can almost panic at the thought of not having water flowing freely. It’s a bit like when you get a power cut. As you say, we don’t realise just how much we take utilities for granted.

    • I know it can be scary! One of the farms I lived on relied on a cistern for water and we had to have it delivered if it was a dry season…talk about rationing!

  2. I’ve had plumbers in and out over the last six months……………. I can relate!

    • Yes it seems that maintenance is never ending. They’re working on our balconies too and the noise is awful…makes me happy to be at work when all this is going on!

      • We live in the hills outside of Melbourne. It’s beautiful here but during the day there is alway some mother f%$#@r with a chain saw, or a nailgun, or a wood chipper, or three blokes putting in new light poles all shouting at each other. Everyone else goes off to work and I’m here………. how did your day go dear…….well, the moron up the street forgot that when you burn green wet leaves it makes a lot of smoke……etc, etc, etc………. nowdays she doesn’t ask because she is sick of listening to me bitch……….. but it will be winter soon and all the morons will have to stay inside and I can get some work done and my dogs won’t get freaked out by all the shouting and banging etc……………. I really do love it here it’s just that some days………….

      • Yes I understand what you’re saying…I love my place too but sometimes things happen when you least expect it!

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