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Phantom of the sewer system

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A while ago I wrote about my dog’s obsession with the sewer system.  I had no idea what was so interesting down there but the mystery has been solved…it was a raccoon!  When I saw him (or her) I thought it had fallen in and needed help.  As I bent down to try to lift the manhole cover off (don’t ask me how I thought that would work) the raccoon disappeared, obviously more afraid of me than of being rescued.

There must be a secret passage for quick escape…

phantom of the sewer system©sig

Or maybe he lives down there…

phantom 2©sig

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  1. I love your illustrations

  2. So that’s where they hide out. Who knew?

  3. Oh my this brings back crazy memories! Raccoons are smart and they survive! Not that you should do anything bad to the raccoon, but let that animal survive without you getting too close! Your dog knew what was going on – good dog!

    • I know it’s crazy how we put our human feelings on animals. As if he was hoping I’d reach in and pull him out…and than invite him in for tea to get his bearings? Ha ha, you’re right. They are smart and they can survive probably a lot better than we can. I’ve heard so many funny stories about raccoons and how comical they can be but they are wild animals and should be left alone. Although a long time ago with another dog, we were walking and my dog spotted a box under a bush. Thinking it might be a bomb (?), I tried to get her away but then realized it was making little hissing noises. I went and opened it up and found 5 baby raccoons that someone had found in their attic and just dumped! I took them to a wildlife center and they were cared for and eventually released back to the wild. Sometimes you have to step in and help.

      • I agree sometimes you must help animals – we make so much trouble for them – taking babies from their mother – bad human! Nice of you to save the day. I know racoons can make trouble, but there needs to be a place for them just as there is for us.

  4. Fantastic! I wasn’t expecting a second doodle, that made me grin. 🙂

    • thanks Lorna! The second doodle was actually the idea that got this post started. I kept thinking of that little guy down there and if I pictured him playing the organ I didn’t worry about him as much.

  5. Alfie Mangan

    Witty, charming, a…a…a…and talented/artistic, DG.


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