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splish splash WE were taking a bath…

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When my dog has a bath I’m right in there with him.  His baths used to be the regular way with me on the outside of the tub until one day I was lifting him out and nearly dropped him.  I’m not sure how it happened, whether he was too slippery or squirming (in his quest to escape) but I didn’t want to take that chance again.  The only solution was to get in as well and carry him out with me.  However it’s not much of a bath for me as I’m fully clothed in a t-shirt and shorts…I’m more of a shower person anyway.

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  1. I just gave my Boston a bath tonight – I get a stool and sit on it outside of the tub and use the hand shower, which is awesome. I used to do the tub thing, but once I got the hand shower, things changed and it all got easier and quicker. She complains less now too.

  2. Aww, that is so cute! Your dog is lucky to have you!

  3. I can relate. A bath is like torture and my how they squirm. Yet, if there is a pond around I can’t keep them out of the water.


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