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…they’re safer in a china shop

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When I looked up matador’s costumes for this illustration I got more than I bargained for.  I got the costumes all right but I also saw a lot of bulls that were suffering or dead.  There were pictures of matadors who have been injured in the ring as well.  They were pretty gruesome but I wasn’t as horrified as I was with the ones of the bulls.  Not only are the bulls getting mutilated, they’re being teased and tortured at the same time.

I find it pretty hard to see the entertainment in bullfighting.

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Tattoo Who?

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Tattoo me, that’s who.  Okay I don’t have a tattoo but almost got one when I was a teenager.  At that time tattoos weren’t as popular as they are today so that gives you an idea of how old I am.  Well for a dumb teenage reason I didn’t get one and when I think about it now, as an adult, I wished I had.

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I love tattoos.  I know a lot of people don’t but to me tattoos are body decoration.  Like piercing although I am limited on how far I’d go in that department.  My ears are pierced and that’s it for me but I don’t have an issue with piercing on other people.  To each his own.

But tattoos, the more the merrier in my books…some of my dogs have even had tattoos, for identification but a tattoo is a tattoo!

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