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…they’re safer in a china shop

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When I looked up matador’s costumes for this illustration I got more than I bargained for.  I got the costumes all right but I also saw a lot of bulls that were suffering or dead.  There were pictures of matadors who have been injured in the ring as well.  They were pretty gruesome but I wasn’t as horrified as I was with the ones of the bulls.  Not only are the bulls getting mutilated, they’re being teased and tortured at the same time.

I find it pretty hard to see the entertainment in bullfighting.

bull ring©sig lrg

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  1. Reading James Michener’s book “Iberia” (still available on Amazon decades after it was first written) is probably the only way you will get even a hint of why bullfighting is art and not entertainment. It’s difficult for anyone who didn’t grow up with it to wrap their head around it. Not condoning, just explaining in a very limited way.

  2. I was forced by my parents to go to the bullfights in Spain when I was six years old. It was so traumatic that I flipped out and we had to leave. I can’t take it, either.

  3. It does seem remarkably cruel, and just because it’s been a tradition for a long time doesn’t make it acceptable.

  4. In 2011, a proposal to ban bullfighting came before parliament in Catalonia. No one expected that it would ever be passed, but a worldwide campaign, in which I took part, actually worked. Parliament banned bullfighting – in the home of bullfighting! This is a reminder that even when we think we can never effect change, we still have to try. Sadly, there is currently a proposal to reinstate bullfighting – but I remain optimistic.

    • Yes that does tell you something when they ban it in their own country. I read that one of the reasons was “La Tortura No Es Cultura”, meaning “torture isn’t culture”. I hope too that it stays banned and maybe other countries will follow.


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