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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Watch out for Witches!

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Everyone and their dog…

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Now that winter is settling in (at least it feels like it to me) I realize how unusually nice September and early October were.  Since there wasn’t much of a summer (again according to me) I think we deserve it.  And it seemed to bring us together, the subject of the lovely weather working it’s way into our conversations.  Jobs that have to be done in the Fall are more enjoyable to do when it’s warm.  So this year we all spent more time outside taking advantage of the mild weather…

raking leaves©sig

…everyone and their dog

raking leaves2©sig

The Jogging…Joker?

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When we were out walking this morning I saw something a little different.jogger©sig

Either he was getting ready for Halloween or designers of jogging attire are getting pretty creative.

The only thing missing…

jogging shoe toe ©sig

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