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Time seems to fly by so quickly these days that I’m finding it harder and harder to get anything done.  Work, laundry, house cleaning, groceries and the biggest time consumer of all getting dressed to go out in the cold, leave little time for fun things like painting and long dog walks.  I know it’s probably an age thing but it would be great if I could just make time stand still for a bit…

time management©sig

or maybe my dog could help around the house now and then…

time management2©sig


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  1. I know what you mean, it’s alarming sometimes how the time just disappears. I like the idea of taking time hostage, and I certainly think the wee dog could contribute a bit more, he seems a very capable fellow.

  2. A creative and playful variation on the ‘tempus fugit’ theme, DD.

  3. I’m thinking we’ll have a lot more time when we don’t have to put on five layers just to go out the door. Spring, where art thou?

    • I agree! We worked it out that it takes me approximately 7hrs a week all totaled to get dressed and undressed for the cold (walking to work and dog walks).

  4. My dogs are slacking. I love your illustrations. 🙂


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