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Dentist the Menace

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As my dog is always chewing something (sticks, dry food, biscuits…) it never occurred to me that his teeth would be bad.  So I was really surprised when his vet said he would have to have some teeth removed as well as cleaned.  I felt terrible!  But it had to be done.  He seemed fine when I took him in on the day and actually trotted off with the technician without a backward glance.  That should have been my clue to how he was feeling towards me.  I knew he was in good hands, but that didn’t stop me from worrying.

I was so relieved when they called to say he was resting comfortably and could be picked up later that evening.  I thought for sure he would be happy to see me but when they brought him in he made right for the door with a glance my way that spoke volumes (of swear words)!  It wasn’t until just before bedtime that he acknowledged my presence and that was only when I gave him a little snack.

Well it hasn’t been that long and he’s already finding sticks on our walks and happily chewing away as if he hadn’t lost a single tooth.

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  1. Poor baby! But best choice all around. I recently found out, from a very reliable source whom we both know well:), that untreated infected teeth can lead to all sorts of problems. Even blindness. So you did the right thing, even if your boy didn’t agree. Glad to hear he’s back to his old tricks. By the way, Jack, who never chews anything remotely odd and even refuses most treats, has perfect teeth at the age of 12. Never has had to have them cleaned, and even the vet remains amazed. Quinn, on the other hand, who chewed everything he could get his teeth on (even rocks!), had to have a dental every year of his life. Maybe that’s not a coincidence!

    • Yes it’s funny how some dogs who don’t chew at all never have a problem and yet the ones that do need constant dental help. I’ve started brushing his teeth and he doesn’t like it but we manage to get it done. Never a dull moment with our dogs!

  2. That sounds traumatic and reminds me I need to make a dental appointment. Glad to hear your little chap is back to normal again.


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