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Breaking my silence

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I haven’t been blogging much lately and I blame the weather.

We’ve had snow and freezing rain almost every day since November. It’s been brutally cold since November. There have been about 5 sunny days since November. Okay these might be slight exaggerations but they’re not too far off. People who actually like winter are fed up!

If this keeps up I’m going to throw myself under a snowplow and end things once and for all!



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  1. Don’t do it DD!
    This too will pass.
    What would himself do without you?

  2. I agree with Alfie and I’m so sorry to hear about your extended winter. I would be tearing my hair out in your position. It sounds like the winter we had in Scotland in 2010 and the very thought of that still fills me with utter dread. I’m keeping my fingers firmly crossed for some spring weather coming you way very soon.

  3. Gosh I didn’t realize you live in the same place I do LOL!

  4. Don’t do it DG! There is hope. As a matter of fact today was the first day this season that we acutally had freezing temps. It’s supposed to stay in the 60’s for our highs all week. Oh wait…you don’t live here do you? Never mind.


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