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Watch out for Witches!

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…they’re safer in a china shop

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When I looked up matador’s costumes for this illustration I got more than I bargained for.  I got the costumes all right but I also saw a lot of bulls that were suffering or dead.  There were pictures of matadors who have been injured in the ring as well.  They were pretty gruesome but I wasn’t as horrified as I was with the ones of the bulls.  Not only are the bulls getting mutilated, they’re being teased and tortured at the same time.

I find it pretty hard to see the entertainment in bullfighting.

bull ring©sig lrg

Phantom of the sewer system

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A while ago I wrote about my dog’s obsession with the sewer system.  I had no idea what was so interesting down there but the mystery has been solved…it was a raccoon!  When I saw him (or her) I thought it had fallen in and needed help.  As I bent down to try to lift the manhole cover off (don’t ask me how I thought that would work) the raccoon disappeared, obviously more afraid of me than of being rescued.

There must be a secret passage for quick escape…

phantom of the sewer system©sig

Or maybe he lives down there…

phantom 2©sig

Bye bye birdy…for now

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About a week ago I saw my first robin of the year.  That usually cheers me up because it means the onset of spring.  However on this particular day it was snowing heavily and the little fellow was shivering under a tree.  So I picked him up, put him on a southbound plane and told him to wait a bit.

bye bye birdy©sig

Complaining is my “means to an end”

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I know I go on and on about the winter with it’s cold and snow but I do it for a reason.  It propels me closer to my goal of moving to a tropical island.

Of course there are the usual concerns like finances and immigration, but I worry mostly about my dog.  He loves the northern climate and I’m not sure how he’ll adapt to the Caribbean lifestyle.


Puppet Master

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I like puppets because for once, I’m the one in control…

puppet master©

Innocent abroad…

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I haven’t been out of the country for decades and am not up on all the latest safety precautions.

So before my trip I was bombarded with advice from family and friends who travel constantly.  Although well-intentioned, they seemed more like dire warnings.  “Don’t drink the water, watch what you eat, beware of mosquitoes, keep out of the sun” …

But it was a great trip!  I only drank purified & boiled water (yes, I drank hot tea in the Caribbean) and the food was delicious (especially the desserts!).  As for mosquitoes I was their tasty treat, being followed by a cloud of them everywhere I went (like my own little entourage of mosquitoes).  And I stayed out of the sun during the middle of the day on my breezy balcony, reading and drawing.

If it wasn’t for my dog back home I’d still be there…

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