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Time Management

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Time seems to fly by so quickly these days that I’m finding it harder and harder to get anything done.  Work, laundry, house cleaning, groceries and the biggest time consumer of all getting dressed to go out in the cold, leave little time for fun things like painting and long dog walks.  I know it’s probably an age thing but it would be great if I could just make time stand still for a bit…

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or maybe my dog could help around the house now and then…

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Merry Christmas!

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I can’t believe it’s that time of year again, the time has gone by so fast.  I’m still waiting for the leaves to fall!  There just never seemed to be enough time to do anything so a lot of New Year’s resolutions are in order!

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I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday!

And many thanks everybody for visiting my blog!

Bad weather and under it…

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I’m just getting over a cold and it’s all because of the crazy weather we’ve been having.  One minute it’s mild and raining, the next it’s bitter cold and snow.  I just can’t seem to get warm these days.  With everything I wear you’d think I’d be nice and toasty, but no I’m always freezing.   And all that clothing weighs me down, holding my dog up on his walks.

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Watch out for Witches!

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Making his escape

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Sometimes my dog thinks I’m too overprotective and feels the need to take off on his own…

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Tattoo Who?

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Tattoo me, that’s who.  Okay I don’t have a tattoo but almost got one when I was a teenager.  At that time tattoos weren’t as popular as they are today so that gives you an idea of how old I am.  Well for a dumb teenage reason I didn’t get one and when I think about it now, as an adult, I wished I had.

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I love tattoos.  I know a lot of people don’t but to me tattoos are body decoration.  Like piercing although I am limited on how far I’d go in that department.  My ears are pierced and that’s it for me but I don’t have an issue with piercing on other people.  To each his own.

But tattoos, the more the merrier in my books…some of my dogs have even had tattoos, for identification but a tattoo is a tattoo!

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splish splash WE were taking a bath…

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When my dog has a bath I’m right in there with him.  His baths used to be the regular way with me on the outside of the tub until one day I was lifting him out and nearly dropped him.  I’m not sure how it happened, whether he was too slippery or squirming (in his quest to escape) but I didn’t want to take that chance again.  The only solution was to get in as well and carry him out with me.  However it’s not much of a bath for me as I’m fully clothed in a t-shirt and shorts…I’m more of a shower person anyway.

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