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Time Management

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Time seems to fly by so quickly these days that I’m finding it harder and harder to get anything done.  Work, laundry, house cleaning, groceries and the biggest time consumer of all getting dressed to go out in the cold, leave little time for fun things like painting and long dog walks.  I know it’s probably an age thing but it would be great if I could just make time stand still for a bit…

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or maybe my dog could help around the house now and then…

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Tooth or false…that is my question

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I’m getting older and my teeth aren’t getting any younger.  After figuring out how much it could cost for dental care & repair I think it would be a lot cheaper to get a new set.

I just tell myself that if it does come to false teeth I’m getting the biggest and brightest smile Hollywood has to offer!

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Old age…music to my eyes

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I thought I was going blind.  I had a problem with my eyes and worrier that I am expected the worst.  So I finally went to my eye doctor and after going through all sorts of tests, asked if it was serious.  He said no, this just comes with age.  Well!  Normally I’d be upset (as you do when told you’re getting old) but knowing that I wasn’t losing my sight made it a bit easier to take.

No peaches and cream for me, I’m spinach!

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     I always go home for lunch and as that’s peak UV time I carry an umbrella for shade. It’s awful, I love the sun but at noon on a day-to-day basis it can be deadly. At first I used parasols which were beautiful but the lightest breeze turned them inside out. So I bought a huge black one which is great for rain but looked out-of-place on sunny days. Then one day I found this little green umbrella with little dogs all over it. I thought it would be perfect for UV protection and more cheery looking than the black one. Well, from the first time I used it I started getting funny looks from other people. It took several days before I realized the sun shining through the green umbrella was turning my skin the colour of spinach pasta.

Oh, say can you see…

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Well I can’t because I’ve lost my glasses…again! I used to think that people who panicked when they lost their glasses were over reacting. Why couldn’t they just squint? Well now that the glasses are on the other eye, so to speak I find that squinting just doesn’t cut it. Distance is okay for me but reading, drawing and computer are all a blur without my glasses. Now there are spare pairs all over the place.

                                                                 …and they still disappear.

this is how I think I look…

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It’s how I’ve drawn myself for decades.  Then one day someone asked me if this was a picture of my daughter. I was crushed! I don’t have a daughter so I guess I’m growing old. I tried drawing an older version of myself and wasn’t happy with the results. Besides I was used to drawing the “young” me. The only thing that has changed are the glasses thanks to constant working on the computer…not old age.

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