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Tooth or false…that is my question

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I’m getting older and my teeth aren’t getting any younger.  After figuring out how much it could cost for dental care & repair I think it would be a lot cheaper to get a new set.

I just tell myself that if it does come to false teeth I’m getting the biggest and brightest smile Hollywood has to offer!

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Tooth and consequences…

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I was eating a cookie when all of a sudden I felt that sickening crunch of a cracking tooth.  It’s fixed now but in the future since I’m deathly afraid of dentists and don’t have insurance, alternative dental care is definitely called for!

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If you have to call in sick…

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…try to make the most of it

No peaches and cream for me, I’m spinach!

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     I always go home for lunch and as that’s peak UV time I carry an umbrella for shade. It’s awful, I love the sun but at noon on a day-to-day basis it can be deadly. At first I used parasols which were beautiful but the lightest breeze turned them inside out. So I bought a huge black one which is great for rain but looked out-of-place on sunny days. Then one day I found this little green umbrella with little dogs all over it. I thought it would be perfect for UV protection and more cheery looking than the black one. Well, from the first time I used it I started getting funny looks from other people. It took several days before I realized the sun shining through the green umbrella was turning my skin the colour of spinach pasta.

Why can’t I have a hot?

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I have a cold and it’s my own fault.  I’ve always been lucky in that I hardly ever get what’s “going around”.  But if I get chilled all bets are off.  Just last week we had an unseasonably warm spell and like everyone else I decided to go without a hat.  Well everybody else went without hat, coat, gloves, boots…but a hat was enough for me to relinquish.  Big mistake.  By the next afternoon my throat was sore and I was burning up.  I always dreamt of a “sick” day at home in bed watching old movies, drinking tea and eating chocolate.  Well that wasn’t going to happen.  In fact the thought of chocolate made me gag so you know I was at death’s door.  Now if it had been hot I would never have caught a chill or a “cold”.  Cold.  I don’t even like the word.  I don’t like cold drinks.  I drink “un-chilled” white wine.  I only have an air-conditioner because of my dog and I have to bundle up when it’s on.  I don’t even have an ice-cube tray (actually I do but it’s for storing my watercolor paints).  Okay I know that all seems a bit extreme but I really would rather have a “hot” than a “cold” if given the choice.

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