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Innocent abroad…

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I haven’t been out of the country for decades and am not up on all the latest safety precautions.

So before my trip I was bombarded with advice from family and friends who travel constantly.  Although well-intentioned, they seemed more like dire warnings.  “Don’t drink the water, watch what you eat, beware of mosquitoes, keep out of the sun” …

But it was a great trip!  I only drank purified & boiled water (yes, I drank hot tea in the Caribbean) and the food was delicious (especially the desserts!).  As for mosquitoes I was their tasty treat, being followed by a cloud of them everywhere I went (like my own little entourage of mosquitoes).  And I stayed out of the sun during the middle of the day on my breezy balcony, reading and drawing.

If it wasn’t for my dog back home I’d still be there…


Why can’t I have a hot?

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I have a cold and it’s my own fault.  I’ve always been lucky in that I hardly ever get what’s “going around”.  But if I get chilled all bets are off.  Just last week we had an unseasonably warm spell and like everyone else I decided to go without a hat.  Well everybody else went without hat, coat, gloves, boots…but a hat was enough for me to relinquish.  Big mistake.  By the next afternoon my throat was sore and I was burning up.  I always dreamt of a “sick” day at home in bed watching old movies, drinking tea and eating chocolate.  Well that wasn’t going to happen.  In fact the thought of chocolate made me gag so you know I was at death’s door.  Now if it had been hot I would never have caught a chill or a “cold”.  Cold.  I don’t even like the word.  I don’t like cold drinks.  I drink “un-chilled” white wine.  I only have an air-conditioner because of my dog and I have to bundle up when it’s on.  I don’t even have an ice-cube tray (actually I do but it’s for storing my watercolor paints).  Okay I know that all seems a bit extreme but I really would rather have a “hot” than a “cold” if given the choice.

Tea time and the living is easy…

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Most of the time, but there have been moments of crisis when a cup of tea is the only thing to make things right. There are so many teas available these days that everybody should be able to find at least one blend that they like. Orange pekoe is my favourite. I’m not a big herbal tea drinker but will drink it in a pinch. And I don’t like de-caffeinated tea because it’s too weak no matter how long it sits. On an average day I drink 5 cups of tea. I should say mugs because much as I love the china teacups that are used in afternoon teas I prefer my tea in a mug. I love teapots as well but only use them when I have company. When alone (and that’s often) I brew my tea in a mug and let it steep until it’s really strong. With some chocolates and a book, living can’t help but be easy.


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