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Innocent abroad…

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I haven’t been out of the country for decades and am not up on all the latest safety precautions.

So before my trip I was bombarded with advice from family and friends who travel constantly.  Although well-intentioned, they seemed more like dire warnings.  “Don’t drink the water, watch what you eat, beware of mosquitoes, keep out of the sun” …

But it was a great trip!  I only drank purified & boiled water (yes, I drank hot tea in the Caribbean) and the food was delicious (especially the desserts!).  As for mosquitoes I was their tasty treat, being followed by a cloud of them everywhere I went (like my own little entourage of mosquitoes).  And I stayed out of the sun during the middle of the day on my breezy balcony, reading and drawing.

If it wasn’t for my dog back home I’d still be there…


This is the life…

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Walking along the beach, the sun on my hair, and a warm breeze all around, it truly is the life. If only it were true. I’m not at the beach, there are no warm breezes and my hair is usually covered to keep my head warm. That life is only a dream. My dream. The country I live in is cold for 7 months of the year (12 if you ask me but so far nobody has). The thought of going outside all year round, dressed only in t-shirt, shorts, sandals or bare feet makes me giddy with excitement. Warm breezes, sandy beaches and no snow. 

                                                                    Yes that is the life. 

                  And if I looked like the girl in the doodle that wouldn’t be too bad either.

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