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the doodling gal’s dog

here is my boy, the inspiration for all my illustrations…

the doodlinggal's dog

he has a mind of his own and hates to pose so I rely on photos to capture his antics…

the doodlinggal's dog2

he always keeps an eye on me…

the doodlinggal's dog3

and he laughs at my jokes…

the doodlinggal's dog5

but not all of them

the doodlinggal's dog6

all in all he’s a happy boy…

the doodlinggal's dog7


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  1. What type of dog is he?

    • He’s a West Highland terrier mix. He comes from way up north so we think he has a bit of husky in him and he loves the cold!!!

      • Wow, he’s so cute! My mom and I were looking through your awesome doodles and we were saying that he looks so much like our Havanese, from his coat to his expressions. I’m sure that they would be the best of friends!

      • Sorry I didn’t reply sooner, your comment just came in now. Thank you for your comment, I’m sure they would be great friends too!

  2. He has an expressive face, bet he gets just a little bit spoilt by everyone around him. Great photos and doodles.

    • Yes he does get a lot of attention. In my building he goes out of his way to be friendly with everyone. Even the crankier ones seem to melt a bit when he stares at them and wags his tail. Thanks for the nice comment!


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